How One Man Hacks The Entire Travel Industry [w/ Justin Ross Lee] | Elite Daily

How One Man Hacks The Entire Travel Industry [w/ Justin Ross Lee] | Elite Daily

From humble beginnings in Scarsdale, New York, to the window seats of Gulfstream 550 jets, traveling in only the most luxurious circumstances – Justin Ross …



  1. polyverse1

    He gets off on screwing the airline and by making customer service agents life a nightmare. He needs to make some real money so he doesn't have to do this shit. He's the real schmuck. People who make big money don't have time for these kind of antics. You think Trump has time for shit like this? If you're gonna screw anyone over do it on a bigger scale like through taxes you fuck ametuer.

  2. Anon Anon

    Anyone hating on this guy is obviously a idiot . You like him , you hate him , its still about him . And he wins through that . He is a smart person , cunning and foxy . Manipulating his surroundings through loopholes and controlling the path for him . This is what many business owners or lawyers do . They manipulate and create their own pathways through others weakness because it is how we rise . You step over others . It is how the world is . A empty suite is still a empty suite and is still going to be there . As long as he's tipping the person he's inconveniencing or talks to them nicely , let him do his own thing .

  3. Jessica Romanosky

    this guy really is super arrogant. it's disgusting! and to bring up spousal abuse like it's normal is beyond fucking mean. and as a survivor of domestic violence I think this douchebag deserves a kick to the nuts that's are connected to him not the ones he crushed between his legs to get over on the poorb people doing their job? and who's the broad flashing her boobs on the plane? but I would expect nothing less from this pair.

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