How not to visit MAINE: Portland, Bar Harbor, and not enough time – Traveling Robert

How not to visit MAINE: Portland, Bar Harbor, and not enough time – Traveling Robert

Lessons learned about how not to visit a large state like Maine. First we didn’t allocate nearly enough time. Second, it was foggy when we went to see the first …



  1. djsi38t

    It's kind of funny to me when people go over the big bridge into maine they say piss-ka-ta-qua river.Just so you know robert in maine it's pronounced piss-kat-a-qua river.Right their is the home of the portsmouth naval base and where a lot of ww2 submarines were made and based.Really sorry you missed so much of maine.You saw the seacoast,but the mountains are very nice and you need to see them too.A place called Evans notch north of fryeburg maine inside the white mountain national forest is the place to go.
    On a clear day you can see whales in the ocean from the top of cadillac mountain.

  2. Ted Warg

    Hey Robert, next time your in Maine I highly recommend you checking out Ben and Bill's chocolate Emporium in bar harbor. And get yourself some lobster ice-cream. I know that sounds weird but it's pretty good. 😎🤙👌👍

  3. M&M

    Robert loved this video on Maine,I feel as if I was there thru your journey I see now how beautiful this state is love the light house thanks for your excellent commentary u should be a host on the travel channel 😍🥳⭐️👍

  4. Roy H

    Enjoyed the video Robert. We did some NE states this summer on the motorcycle. Maine was probably our favorite. Acadia NP is very unique and the views from Cadillac Mtn on a clear day are awesome. Will say the NE have the worst roads we have ridden on. We rode a lot of the side roads you shown. It was ok but the parks out west are our favorites. Seems you had several issues to deal with but you pushed on. Good for you.

  5. mary fm54

    Beautiful scenery. That fog really messed up your day, would have been nice to see the sunrise but the rest of the scenery was stunning. The rock formation at about looked like a persons face. 27:48. Yea I would leave also, they should have known what was available for parking and what wasn't.

  6. Karen Griswold

    Hopefully, sometime you can travel back to New England and see my beautiful state of New Hampshire. So much more to see than the 20 miles of I-95, Mountains, Lakes, beautiful country side vistas, and if you come to the Capital in Concord, let me know…I live 3 blocks behind the statehouse!! Safe and happy travels!!

  7. jim page

    FYI next visit get your lobsters at a supermarket you’ll get twice the lobster for the price you spend on the shore. Oh and the marker will cook it for you. When I have visitors from away I always get my lobsters from the market cooked. Easy delicious meal.

  8. Michael Thompson

    Robert thank you great video sorry Maine didn’t work out Acadia is beautiful in the fall but it is Maine and Maine is in New England where the weather can change every 5 minutes. I couldn’t believe that the Mt Desert Campground treated you that way I almost stayed there but we ended up at Narrows too Campground thought it was kind of odd but the site we booked wasn’t the site we ended up with I think they are affiliated with Mt desert anyway hope you get another chance to see Acadia it really is beautiful

  9. Vikki Nicholson

    We stopped to see the Bush compound at Kennybunkport and then took a water taxi to Nova Scotia … sorry about the campground fiasco. They handled it badly. Glad you got your money back. Things like that happen and when they do, you handle it like a true gentleman. Your musical talent is quite enjoyable.

  10. cheryl campbell

    I always wanted to go visit Mayne. Stephen King lived there. His house is really cool. Was up for sale. He’s in Florida now I hear. You are a great driver. Only thing is when you drive it’s hard to take in the scenery if you are the one driving. Fortunately you can watch your videos later.💕

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