Hawaii Travel Guide – 13 Tips for a FANTASTIC Trip to Oahu

Hawaii Travel Guide – 13 Tips for a FANTASTIC Trip to Oahu

One of the most spectacularly beautiful places on Earth. Known as the “Gathering Place,” join me as I help you decide what to do, where to go, and what to eat …



  1. SighDown

    I agree with Eric. Many dissenters learned the hard way. Please respect the sacred Hawaiian land and culture, or it will toss you right out on your a—. Go act ignorant somewhere else (like in your own backyard.) Thanks.

  2. Gerald Davis

    Thank You Matt
    I am heading to Hawaii after the travel restrictions lift to work at the base "Pearl Harbor " as a federal employee. Your video has been a great introduction to the island as well as a new chapter in my life. I look forward to discovering the Island and all it has to offer. On another note. I've heard many complain about the traffic. Being your native to the island and if you we're me where would you consider look in regards to seeking housing, being that I plan to be here for a while, I'm going to buy a house instead of renting. Any advice your will to share i would appreciate it.

  3. Dan Lum

    Tip #1: DON'T COME HERE. #2 If you do, show respect, people live here, if you don't we'll knock your ass out. #3 Pick up your fucking rubbish. If you don't, your ass better be able to hold it all because we'll ram it up there when we catch you. #4 Shut your fucking mouth, if you don't we'll knock your ass out. #5 Local residents aren't here to serve you, if you go there, your ass will get knocked out. #6 DON'T FUCKING COME HERE. Hey Matt, fucking haole, back of your hand? Yeah we can backhand you all day

  4. Annette Avila

    Matt Thank you! I love your personality, this video is Fantastic! Please mention no leaving garbage etc, Paradise doesn't need to be dumped on by all the tourists, including me, lets keep it clean:) Mother Earth:) Respect the Land, The Culture:)

  5. Michael Caz

    It's Magical. I have been fortunate to visit many-places-around-the world, and after traveling to Hawaii 3x's – it is ( by far ) #1 for me. If you go: "Respect the Land, Sea and the Culture". oNe LovE from NYC

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