German Food & What You Should Eat in Germany

German Food & What You Should Eat in Germany

Heading to Deutschland/Germany & Wondering What Wonderful Food You Will Be Eating There? Well, Now you can know some of our favorite German foods, …



  1. Earl Green

    At first, like others already wrote,
    you are very regional. You just talk about stuff south of the
    Weißwurstäquator so be careful you don't make that count for all
    germans 😉
    To correct you at least a bit:

    usually contais pork! Sometimes pork meat, but definitely
    I think there is practically no traditional sausage
    in germany without at least Schweinerückenspeck!

    The meat for the Wiener Schnitzel MUST BE from calf. Thats
    by law, otherwise you are not allowed to call it Wiener Schnitzel!

  2. ArgaAnders

    I could live on schnitzel! I make some sort of schnitzel at least one time per week.
    My favourite is the pork schnitzel served with fried potatoes, lemon, capers and anjovy.
    Another favourite is the "Schweizerschnitzel" (A schnitzel stuffed with cheese and smoked ham) Truely delicious!

  3. PainfullyMemories

    Just for information: The REAL Wiener Schnitzel is from Austria and ALWAYS made of calf. If you eat Schnitzel in Germany its's mostly made of pork and called Schnitzel Wiener Art. 🙂 But when it's made of calf, it's called Wiener Schnitzel, too.

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