Excellent Preflight announcement by Emirates Airlines Pilot

Excellent Preflight announcement by Emirates Airlines Pilot

Emirates Airlines Preflight Announcement . In-flight announcements are not entirely truthful. What might an honest one sound like? “GOOD morning, ladies and …



  1. talesin- god of the internet

    Bullfuckingshit. There is no difference and Islam is *not* a peaceful religion. just look at the countries it has infested. nothing but war, murder and violence. they kill little girls because they got raped. they blow up each other's mosques. they prey on women and children

    That "sacrileged" script is the Koran. They all live by it and it demands that all non-Muslims be killed

  2. interstategar

    Jews rule! Everybody copied their idea of the concept God. The invisible one, of all power. Muhammad= False Prophet, religion of the dark one, satan, whose destination is the pit of doom, and all who follow him. Now go have a lox and bagel and relax.

  3. Martin Willett

    Which concept of God? Jews invented the idea of the head of the gods who was jealous of the other lesser (but obviously real) gods. Later they discovered that this idea was silly and so they pretended that there had always been only one god, rather unimaginatively named God. They also then discovered the concept of a bad god from the Zoroastrians, hence Satan was invented. Later still they came upon the idea of life after death – clearly an idea Moses, Daniel and Elijah wouldn't recognize.

  4. Martin Willett

    Coffee. The concept of God used by modern Jews is nothing like that of the people of the time of David which in turn is nothing like the concept of the god in Genesis.

    If you don't understand don't worry about it, not everybody can be smart.

  5. Martin Willett

    I have read the Jewish myths in chronological order without the notes to tell me what they "really mean". I have read them like literature and asked the simple questions: who wrote this, when and why and what did they believe.
    I suggest you try that one day, but I don't think you will be able to do it. There is no hint that "God" is the only god at the beginning (why else would he be jealous?), no evidence of an evil-causing lesser god (stolen from Zoroastrianism) and no life after death.

  6. Martin Willett

    Did you pay any attention at all? I said Satan was a concept invented in response to Zoroastrianism. Hebrew mythology that pre-dates that period has no trace of Satan. There is no Satan in the Garden of Eden or in the stories of Moses. You will notice that Moses is rewarded with long life, not life after death – the Hebrews had no such concept at that time. That is why Elijah had to ride up to heaven BEFORE he died because if he died first he'd be dead!

  7. Martin Willett

    I suggest you are too stupid to know how much you're screwing up in this argument. There is no point in arguing with somebody who doesn't have the intellectual ability to know when he's lost.
    When I said there was no life after death I mean there is not the slightest hint that the ancient Hebrews believed in life after death in any form before the time of Daniel. Just read the stuff and use your brain for something more than warming your yarmulke for once.

  8. interstategar

    Its easy to spot a non expert, who claims to be one. You stick out like a sore thumb. Anyone who believes in any beliefs based on ancient persia is doomed,just like Iran is doomed today. Iran's current path, will find itself blown to bits, based on its hatred of the Jews. The same hatred passed on from the far past. Persia-Iran, has always been a cursed area, because its fueled by hatred and old, substandard beliefs.

  9. interstategar

    LOL. Athiests, are delusional. Seen one, seen them all. Based on your philosophy, you no better than a fungi, a weed, an insect, etc. Have a 'happy life" being miserable, and self worshiping… Your alive and dead at the same time. Good job…

  10. UL360

    Congrats to this video. Nicely done and thanks for your effort to put this together. Every time I travel I have my camera with me. Makes a kind of addictive trying to film everything. Then when I think about all the work after … seems you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing and please do surprise us with more videos. Maybe you jump over to my channel as well. See you there. – Thanks and have a great day.

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