Disney to Increase Park Ticket Prices

Disney to Increase Park Ticket Prices

Walt Disney World and Disneyland are increasing single day tickets at certain times of the the year and setting experiation dates on tickets in hopes of preventing overcrowding during the the busiest times of the year. The price ices are being raised  $5 a ticket.

Disney is hiking its prices following a 5 percent decline in attendance at its US theme parks during its most recent quarter that includedthe holiday season.

The goal of the varied price structure is to give park visitors an incentive to come during times that are not “peak ” so that the experience can be better enjoyed by all. There have been times during holiday and spring break where the crows have been so large that Disney had to stop selling tickets.

Our pricing provides guests a range of options that allow us to better manage demand to maximize the guest experience and is reflective of the distinctly Disney offerings at all our parks,,, said a Disney spokesperson.

All tickets now have expiration dates. In the past, only one day and Florida resident tickets had expiration dates. Also guests will be able to save &20 on multiday tickets when they purchase them in advance. Park visitors can purchase the multiday tickets online at any time prior to entering the park to receive the savings.

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