Disney Magic Full Review | Disney Cruise Line Cruise Ship Review

Disney Magic Full Review | Disney Cruise Line Cruise Ship Review

Full review of Disney Cruise Line – Disney Magic. We talk about the ship design, rotational dining, complimentary dining including detailed reviews of Rapunzel’s …



  1. Griff & Alyssa

    Classic Disney elegance was the perfect phrase. Disney is absolutely timeless and we love it. Didn't try any of the vegan options, but ate a lot of fish. I the best vegan I've had (so far) happened to be on Royal so cheers to me experimenting a little more.

  2. A Midlife Girl

    Great review! I just uploaded a comparison video between Disney and Princess. I've done 4 disney, only one Princess, but I haveta agree with a lot of what you said. Our 3rd and 4th disney cruises were more chill since we knew where to get away from the family activites. Definitely had to look for those places tho. Love your channel!

  3. Patty K

    Great video Sean and Stef!!! I’ll be on the Disney Magic in February and I’m curious to see how it goes. I will definitely take your ideas into consideration and I’ll let you guys know how my experience was.

  4. Aimee Rogers

    I saw an episode of Cruising with Ben and David recently , I don't know how old it was. But they mentioned that they did a repositioning cruise on a Disney ship and there were only about 10 kids on board. There were so few kids, they said, that they opened up the children's areas for adults. That it's my kind of Disney Cruise. My sister and I took our 14 year old nephew on the Disney Dream a couple of years ago and he thought all the character meet-and-greets were for little kids and girls
    and the sound in the dining room reminded my sister of Buzzing Bees. The noise level very high. So much so that she has refused go back on a Disney cruise unless it is something like a repo Cruise. Any of the other cruise lines are more of our style. We love them all, including Disney. you can't have a bad time on a cruise ship. But on our list of cruises that we've done it would be towards the bottom of the list and it is a long list. I really enjoyed the vlogs though. And I appreciate your honesty. I love Disney. But I think I would prefer to do Disney in the Parks and not on board a ship where I am looking to relax.

  5. Jenners Patters

    I went on the Disney Fantasy with my husband and parents. As adults with no kids we had a great time. We went right after spring break so while we noticed a lot of little kids, there were not a lot of school aged kids. We were lucky that our table in the dining room was either in a back room with other adults are off to the side with not a lot of tables around us so we did not experience the main dining to be loud. We had a similar experience watching the shows with kids being loud, families getting up and leaving and basically being distracted all the time. I noticed at the adult pool area there were always kids walking through and at one point people had their crying baby sitting on the bar which was extremely annoying and the Cast Members never said anything. I would definitely go back on this ship or try another one. You just have to plan it during a time when kids are more likely to be in school.

  6. Leslie Nihart

    Your review is spot on. We cruised Disney once when our children were young and once as each grand has come along and hit 5 years old. It's nice to have a reason to go back but we go on other lines when it's just the two of us. We love Disney cruising – but through the eyes of children when standing or waiting is worth the thrill of a hug from one of the Fab Five; or when Belle sits next to them to talk about books; or Stitch sets up a game of tag. Otherwise, the value to us(!) is just not there.

  7. Deb Explores

    Great video 🙂 I actually used to work on the Disney Magic in the Dining Room and just wanted to say if you or anyone else is vegan on a cruise let the server or your head server know and ask them if they can provide any other dishes because you’re not enjoying those on the menu. All the food is plated fresh and if they know in advance they can usually make something for the next evening for you 🙂 we used to have families requesting curry often and they’d be made especially for them. Also, if there’s something you enjoyed on the menu from another restaurant and it’s being served on the ship that evening (sometimes every restaurant is on the same menu so it’s not possible) you can request it. All the kitchens are linked for servers to run to 🙂
    Looks like you had a fun trip! The marvel days at sea are awesome!

  8. Chris K

    You mentioned wanting Aladdin…. Aladdin is the show on the Fantasy, which was just redone to reflect the new motion picture. The Dream has Beauty and the Beast and both shows are condensed versions of the Broadway shows.

  9. Marc Sarfati

    On loud dining.

    I have small kids. Every cruise dinning with my kids are a fail.

    Everybody hates eating next to my kids on cruise b/ they are loud.

    So loud kids at dinner mask my kids playing.


    Cast way key: was original private island for Disney cruise when pinnacle owned the rights.

  10. Victoria Esser

    If you're doing a Disney cruise with no children, stay away from the "theme" cruises — Marvel, Star Wars, Halloween, Holiday. People take their kids out of school just for these cruises, since the dates are so limited. My husband and I just went childless on a Disney cruise to Alaska on the Wonder, which is extremely similar to the Magic. If there were 100 kids on that ship I would be surprised. It was, hand down, a perfect vacation. I never got the them park feel at all.

  11. Crystal Morgan

    I hope you have a much better experience on future Disney Cruises. I have cruised Disney without children-as a Solo cruiser and I had a great-Relaxing time. Besides passing in the hallways,cabanas and theatre I honestly very seldom saw children, and when I did they were well behaved-Thank God. Most of my activities were Adult activites/areas/times. I never felt inundated with "Disney" anything. Even the decor was very elegant with "hidden Mickey's" throughout. The time of year is important too-Im sure "kiddie traffic" flows much differently during June & July than say September and January. Your next experience will be better.

  12. Adam Drozdowski

    What you didn't mention was if you have kids and eat 2nd seating, the kids will get served their food quicker and the club counsellors will come and get the kids. This leaves adults to eat peacefully after about 45 minutes! We have been on 3 of the 4 ships, hands down the best stage show is Frozen on the Wonder.

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