Dirt Cheap – Toronto, Canada

Dirt Cheap – Toronto, Canada

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  1. Ann-louise Fairchild

    Volunteering for ANYTHING in return for anything is still considered " working" so if you are from another country make sure you do not mention it to the immigration officer.(did I say that ??)…..or have a work visa the only legal option sorry but that is how it is do not do it

  2. mary sibb

    I love Toronto. I was born and raised here and I love living here. I live and work in the east end, but I leave my car at home and TTC it downtown for fun. I have traveled all over the world, but I am always happy to come home to my city. It’s too bad you missed China town. You were so close. One block away from Kensington Market. The food there is dirt cheap and fresh as hell. I’m so glad you came here. This video was outstanding. Well done, sir. 😋

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