Cu Chi Tunnels Tour-Vietnam

Cu Chi Tunnels Tour-Vietnam

During the Cu Chi Tunnels tour, we walked through a tunnel (which has been widened for tourists), saw some of the bunkers and booby traps, and walked by a …



  1. Dr. Fastestinthewest

    Not all of em were under ground. I got a bunch of em. Out in the swamps, the Cong built board walks just like docks. I got a bunch of em out there too. When the UN stopped our missions made it difficult. You all are saps and don't know the real stories. The SOB Lyndon Johnson was a traitor dog! My Veteran Affairs health care sucks. Government health care sucks. Teagards you saps…

  2. JHVN Herrmann

    Stay out of the tunnels. A Japanese woman, myself and others were extremely ill with a respitory infection after going through them. They are full of bacteria from germs and disease spread from people from all over the world. It is a hot, humid breeding ground down there for bacteria. They are never disinfected and there is no ventilization. When you get about half way through, and its about 100 degrees and with stale air, people in from of you stop and take photos coming out of them. This means you may be stuck in them for a half hour in that claustrophobic tunnel. You can here the man say "don't take to long as others are waiting",but many do no care and spend several minutes taking photos. Trust me!

  3. SimplyYouOnly

    I went there with my school and my instructor told us something that really put things into another perspective ; The Vietnamese had to rebuilt all of these for the tourists and had to learn a new language in order to explain what had happened to their own country. Also, these Vietnamese who built these probably had family members involved in the actual war.

  4. MrAusAdventure

    It's definitely an interesting place and worth the visit. I was skeptical due to hearing how touristy it is, but the historical significance of the site cannot be underestimated and I was glad to have seen it. And the boat ride up the Saigon River was awesome too!

  5. peter rech

    For some crazy reason I again looked at this video. Tour guide is perfect for Las Vegas acting as tour guide slickster ! It’s been 50 years and it’s ancient history. But they still find a way to make a buck ! Even a firing range for people that want to shoot !!! Good part is nobody shoots back ! Alpha 2/12 infantry div. 25th infantry division rifleman. 67-68. Cu chi/ dau/Tieng Ninh. I know that area intimately !!

  6. Jordan Costello

    " The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy's not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable" – Sun Tzu

  7. Rick Ferguson

    They were amazing guerrilla warefare fighters, im a US Marine, but i resepect diff fighting styles, both of my uncles fought in Vietnam, both came back alive thank God. Vietnam is very peaceful now, a horrible war for both sides.

  8. gallo cesare

    Sauf a être naïf, on ne peut croire que les tunnels ont fait la victoire du communisme au Vietnam. 
    Leur victoire est due, au plan militaire, aux appuis tous azimuts de la Chine et de la Russie (manipulateurs)… au plan moral, à la sagesse des Américains ayant livré de laisser le pays VIET à son destin, au sacrifice grâce aux militants coco du sud du pays Viet. N'empêche que "l'humanisme" des Viêt-cong (nord) les a conduit à massacrer les pauvres Cambodgiens après avoir massacrés les frères du sud VIET. 
    MAO est mort. Après lui vient sa disgrâce par ses massacres pour le pouvoir. Quel fainéant manipulateur Maître de Fidel !
    Au finale LE CAPITALISME culturel a vaincu malgré tous ses défauts. 
    Il a vaincu le barbare autoritarisme du Marxisme avec son appel à faire couler le sang même des frères, pères et mères… La lutte des classes… 
    Vrai que Karl Marx a été incapable de nourrir sa fille et d'être fidèle à son contrat de mariage signé de sa main !
    Une honte pour l'humanité montrant ainsi sa bêtise dominante et toute sa bestialité prédatrice !

  9. Clinton Lewis

    American universities were a socialist hotbed that deluded American youth into being the socialist vanguards of Nikita Khrushchev. Yes, Khrushchev was right when he said “We will bury you” one could almost add thru the treachery and deceitfulness of our own left wing youth culture, the type of people by whom, unfortunately we are still afflicted today.

  10. huu-ban vu

    What is better, low-tech or high-tech? It depends on by whom, when, where or how! B-52 or traps for example, both destroy the will of embattling soldiers and both are effective… "Terrorism is the war of the poor and war is the terrorism of the rich. Both are equally immoral." Sir Peter Ustinov (1921-2004)

  11. Paul Westwood

    They told me the centipedes and spiders weren’t poisonous. They wrapped a big black centipede into a spiral to prove the point. Later I had a bat fly into my face with a wing round each ear. It was very soft. Luckily I didn’t feel any sharp teeth. Today, don’t worry, this was back in 1996 when Vietnam was first opening up to tourists.

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