Cruises From Malaga

Cruises From Malaga

The number of passengers who disembarked at Malaga port in the first five months of the year has increased by thirty seven per cent compared to the same period in 2007, bringing the total number of passengers to over one hundred and twenty thousand compared to eighty-eight thousand last year.

Some 94 cruise ships docked at the port in the months up to May, which is a fifteen per cent increase on last year’s figures.

The information released by the port shows that April was the busiest month of the year so far with more than forty three thousand passengers on board a cruise ship. The figures also point out that despite January traditionally being a quiet month, this year it has seen the biggest increase in the number of passengers than any other with almost twenty thousand passengers sailing into the port (an increase of 89 per cent).

Some two hundred and eighty ships are expected to dock at the port this year bringing more than three hundred thousand passengers on board.

Definitely, cruise traffic has improved so much in the Port of Malaga, with figures keeping its increase during next year. The first phase of the new Passenger Terminal and its South berth will permit the arrival of a good number of cruise ships with great sizes.

Pullmantur cruises have recently announced five trips from Malaga called Pearls of the Atlantic including stops at Lisbon, Lanzerote, Casablanca and Agadir.

The Cruises onboard Empress formerly Royal Caribbeans Empress of the Seas operate an all inclusive system onboard so the only extras holidaymakers will pay are the tips of 65 euros per person.

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