Cruise Ship trips 2016 – Best Cruises 2016 ( HD 1080p )

Cruise Ship trips 2016 – Best Cruises 2016 ( HD 1080p )

Cruise Ship trips 2016, Best Cruises 2016, European Cruises, Europe Cruises – Antarctic Cruises, Mediterranean & Greek Isles Cruises, Scandinavia, Russia & Norwegian Fjords Cruises 2016
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Why Cruise to Europe ?
Europe beckons with glorious history, fabled cities and spellbinding beauty. In the shadows of epic monuments, you will discover storybook towns hidden behind medieval walls, timeless gems and a taste of la dolce vita. Cruise to Europe’s most enchanting ports of call and discover with Princess the lands of legends and kings.

Mediterranean & Greek Isles Cruises
Explore Rome and Athens, where two great civilizations sprang forth. Take a gondola through the canals of magical Venice, or soak in the spectacular views of whitewashed villages and ancient windmills from a seaside café on the isle of Mykonos. Relive the Renaissance in Florence, stroll the storied ruins of Ephesus, or visit the magnificent shrines of Istanbul. Cruises to the Mediterranean & Greek Isles will captivate you with timeless beauty.

Scandinavia, Russia & Norwegian Fjords Cruises
Venture deep into the Land of the Midnight Sun, where Vikings ruled the Baltic Sea more than 10,000 years ago. Now, well-preserved medieval “Old Town” districts await your discovery in Stockholm and Tallinn and a little mermaid greets you in Copenhagen. The grand living museum of St. Petersburg, Russia, boasts artistic and cultural treasures, while the stunning Norwegian Fjords offer towering cliffs and spectacular waterfalls.

British Isles, Iceland & Northern Europe Cruises
Enter lands where fairy-tale castles inspired Shakespeare, where the Lads from Liverpool launched a British invasion and where the elusive Nessie calls home. Experience the heart of Scotland at Edinburgh’s famed castle, or join friendly locals for a pint at a pub in Dublin. Venture to stunning Godafoss Falls and Iceland’s geothermal wonders, or visit the attractions of Paris and the historic shores of Normandy on a cruise to Northern Europe..

Cruises to Antarctica
Looking for the ultimate cruise adventure? The White Continent is truly the trip of a lifetime. Whether you cross the Drake Passage in a small expedition ship or do a “sail by” on a larger vessel, this magical voyage will not only impress your friends, the otherworldly scenery will touch your soul.

Antarctica is full of superlatives and extremes. And because you can reach the continent only via a ship, getting there is almost like taking a regular cruise vacation.

Almost … because this place is unique on the planet, and your adventure at sea will be unlike any other you’ve had.

Before you even get to the continent, you’ll spend more than 24 hours grabbing for handrails or the top of the mattress as your ship crosses the Drake Passage, perhaps the world’s roughest body of water. Instead of sailing a mega-ship featuring a casino, multiple dining choices and professional entertainment, you’ll wend through icy waters on a vessel more like Hurtigruten’s Fram: 318 passengers, compact cabins and an emphasis on lecture space and observation areas.

In the summer — tourism’s high season — the temperature along the favored landing spots is usually around freezing, but the wind chill can easily hit 60 degrees below freezing.

The continent is sizable: if you placed the United States atop Antarctica, there would be about 1.5 million square miles not covered. But, while more than 311 million people live in the U.S., no one lives on Antarctica permanently. Its only residents are scientists and support staff staying temporarily at tiny outposts. That means you won’t be going ashore to enjoy any cultural heritage, regional foods, traditional handicrafts or quaint villages. (Though your ship might drop you off at the ruins of old whaling stations.)

Antarctica does not have any significant vegetation because most of the land is covered by ice as much as two miles thick. Nor does the continent have indigenous wildlife. Rather, it has only marine animals like seals, penguins and other seabirds that come ashore to breed.

However, once you’re on shore, you’ll be astonished by the endless panoramas of mountains and glaciers marching to the sea, and you’ll be entranced by rookeries of penguins or the occasional seal sunning along the coast.



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