Cruise Jobs – Finding the Best Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Jobs – Finding the Best Cruise Ship Jobs

The cruise job as a Chief Electrician involves great responsibility and the salary package for this position is handsome. The responsibility of the whole electrical system on the ship lies on the shoulders of the Chief Electrician. He is responsible for trouble-free operation and maintenance of the electrical system. No wonder, he must possess the desired skills, experience as well as the necessary qualifications to do full justice to his duty.

A candidate desirous of getting employed for this position must have fluency in English language. Apart from possessing communication skills, he must also have required team management skills to ensure smooth functioning of the work among the colleagues and the subordinates on board. Another requirement is that the candidate must possess relevant STCW certificate from the approved institute.

To get a cruise job of a Chief Electrician, the candidate needs to have wide experience with at least two to five years on board. He also must possess a Diploma from any accredited Maritime Training School. He is answerable to the Chief Engineer for operation and maintenance of the various electrical plants and the related systems on board.

After getting an overview of the desired skills and basic qualifications for a cruise job as a Chief Electrician, let us analyze his duties and responsibilities. This cruise job requires helping subordinates know various environmental policies of the company and feel committed to ensure the safety of the environment. For this, the Chief Electrician himself needs to be thoroughly familiar with the company's various environmental policies.

He is required to work with the Chief Engineer to see to it that various environmental systems operate and maintain the corporate standards. Various international regulations should be met while carrying the waste treatment within his department. Above all, his duty is to ensure the safety of the various personnel and the property on board.

So, after getting knowledge about various skills and qualifications required for this position, we can now assess ourselves and see whether we fit the category or not. We need to analyze our aptitude and attitude before taking a final decision. Only then we should proceed towards searching and applying for the relevant positions.

There are a number of individual ship companies which hire the required personnel from time to time. Also, one can search the existing vacancies on the internet by logging on to the websites of various shipping companies. It is advisable not to apply through crew agencies and apply directly to the shipping companies to save your time, botheration and money.

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