Crazy Locals in Dharamshala | Ep6 Himachal Pradesh | Travel India on $1000

Crazy Locals in Dharamshala  | Ep6 Himachal Pradesh | Travel India on $1000

Are you going to travel India? You MUST visit the stunning mountains of Himachal Pradesh, more specifically Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. This episode …



  1. MollieVX

    Guys I can't tell you how happy you've made me! Himachal is my home and the last thing I was expecting today was to you talking in my language and pahadi music playing in a car! I have been to dharamshala hundreds of times, I have a lot of family there. And I spent most of my childhood in a town near Manali. I'm so glad you decided to visit here and I'm happy you had a good time. Really looking forward to your next episode.


    I'm loving these series i followed your page on Instagram. It's like travelling India in foreigners experience. I am so delighted to see the beautiful places in India. But also disappointed to see some of these crowded places being extremely dirty

  3. Rajesh Rana

    Somnath was not built in a day ,or in one month of Octover or Febreuary,and it did not celebrate the 2000 years in 1994 ,like cabbage ,or cauliflower sellers in long benches in advance,or study of theology .Or Brett Hart after a hard step !

  4. kanika sharma

    Thats my Home ❤❤❤❤. That bus is HRTC. Buses are the only transport option we have in HP. and we respect HRTC drivers alot bcoz they keep us safe despite having such crappy hilly roads but yaa they drive very fast and thats hell. If you want to take a risk with new thing than HP is the place bcoz its pretty much safe.

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