Complete Tour of the Largest & Best Cruise Ship in the World

Complete Tour of the Largest & Best Cruise Ship in the World

This video was taken on Allure of the Seas cruise ship which is the largest ship in the world and nearly the largest ship period. It’s sister ship the Oasis of the Seas is slightly smaller…we’re talking inches. Beyond the ship being the biggest cruise ship it is also one of the most luxurious ships in exestince and boasting the sort of amenities that other ships couldn’t possible offer. For example 2 Flowriders, and ice skating rink, massive theater and more. Make sure to give this a thumbs up if you like this ‘Complete Tour of the Largest & Best Cruise Ship in the World’ video!



  1. Andrew Robinson

    OMG That is absolutely horrendous. Like a cross between an airport, a theme park, a shopping mall and an inner city block of council flats. Never ever would I want a holiday like that – prefer to go to jail.
    No class, no refinement, no taste – totally horrible.

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    The World's Largest Cruise

    Did you know that the largest cruise ships in the world are about four football fields long? Currently, Royal Caribbean International owns the MS Oasis of the Seas and the MS Allure of the Seas, the two actual largest cruise ships in the world. Each of these monster ships have 16 decks and can carry over 6,000 passengers. (as heavy as 9,000 army tanks actually)

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  3. robert filce

    the ship looks absolutly amazing . . . . from outside. . . . and the vasade inside. . . .there is one major thing that seems to be lacking as i wander the ship. . . COLOR!!!. . . i am a white (actually american indian). . . but i am caucasion!. . . the prices r geared toward upper class. . . and yes those poor souls that have saved up a lifetimes worth of money. . . to take a "cruise of a lifetime"!!!. . yes …..THE MIDDLE CLASS. . .Amazing!!!. . . i actually feel guilty!!!. . . this is how our world is changing !. . . 1 class at a time!!!. . . shame on cooperate america/world for exluding other people from enjoying a beautiful time!!…but i dont share this alone. . many passengers …when asked …..agreed!!. . . i will stick to kayaking and see other races of people all around me …..and just a closing point, u think there is sepadration of races and economic standing at the pearly gates?… hmmmm

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