Carnival Glory ~ Complete Ship Tour in 4K ~ Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Glory ~ Complete Ship Tour in 4K ~ Carnival Cruise Lines

Thinking of coming on-board the wonderful Carnival Cruise Ship, the Carnival Glory . This mega-ship, owned and operated by Carnival Cruise Lines is sure to …



  1. laceylolbug S

    I’m sorry but if you’re in jeans/shorts and a T-shirt on formal night, I give you the side eye and kind of judge you a bit. You don’t have to buy an expensive formal dress or suit. But if you can afford to go on a cruise, you can afford to go to Ross and get a cheap dress/slacks/button up shirt.

  2. Crimson TideGal

    Very experienced Carnival cruiser here and you might want to tell them that spa services are VERY expensive and they hit you up at the end of paid services, seminars, free classes with high pressure sales. They are always trying to sell something and none if it is affordable. I bought a 60 minute massage and the first 10 minutes was changing and waiting for the person to start and the last 15 minutes was a sales pitch. So I actually only got about a 30 minute massage for 2 or 3x the price of them on land. Better to save your money and buy excursions with it.

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