Caribbean Cruise – Expert Guide

Caribbean Cruise – Expert Guide

Comprising of around 50 islands (750 if you count the
archipelago of the Bahamas), the Caribbean is a real
treasure trove when it comes to cruising. A rich
variety of vistas, people and places await, along with
swaying palms and idyllic beaches of golden sand.
The network of islands in the Caribbean is in fact so
extensive that it is possible to book several Caribbean
cruises and avoid going to the same islands twice!

There are four basic Caribbean cruise routes used by
cruise operators:

Western Caribbean Cruise Route – Departure from
seaports in Texas, Louisiana and Florida, the Western
Route takes in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, the
island of Cozumel, the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, and
any number of islands off the coasts of Honduras and

Eastern Caribbean Cruise Route – One of the most
popular Caribbean cruise routes, the Eastern Route
typically departs from Florida and other seaports
along the eastern seaboard of the United States. The
route calls on destinations such as Key West, The
Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Islands the Virgin Islands
(including St. Thomas and St. Croix), and Puerto

Southern Caribbean Cruise Route – This route
normally commences at San Juan in Puerto Rico, and
takes in many possible destinations along the Lesser
Antilles and the Netherlands Antilles as far west as

Exotic / Long-duration Caribbean Cruise Route – This
route takes in any / all of the above destinations,
and can sometimes end in a different place to where
the cruise started.

Given this broad assortment of destinations available
in the Caribbean, it can be a bit overwhelming when
trying to make that crucible decision on which islands
to fit into your itinerary. After all, you do not want
to miss out on some true Caribbean gems, do you? So,

whether you're planning a short vacation or a longer
cruise break away from home, here is a selection of
'must-sees' & 'must-dos' on your Caribbean adventure.

St Croix (Virgin Islands) – Take a night kayak trip
in Salt River National Park and visit the first
landing site of Christopher Columbus on his voyage
to the New World.

Grenada – Although ravaged by Hurricane Ivan in 2004,
Grenada is still well worth a visit for its scuba
diving. You can explore the largest shipwreck in the
Caribbean here and see an underwater volcano.

St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) – The Cinnamon Bay
National Park offers excellent snorkeling
opportunities. You can see a wealth of underwater
life in the shallow waters around St. Louis Thomas.

Jamaica – Why not try your hand at bamboo rafting in
Montego Bay?

Puerto Rico – No Caribbean cruise would be complete
without a visit to the world famous Condado Beach on
the island of Puerto Rico.

Aruba – Want to find Caribbean paradise? How about
relaxing on one of the 365 beaches that surround the
Dutch island of Aruba.

St Kitts – Swim with the turtles in the waters around
St Kitts and then relax on the pink sand beaches on
this beautiful island.

Good luck with planning your trip and happy cruising.

Source by John Metcalfe


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