Budapest — city guide

Budapest  — city guide

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, has a long and rich history, with archaeological finds indicating the Celts were first to settle in its modern day location. After continued conflict and the rule of various empires, two Bulgarian military frontier fortresses, Buda and Pest, arose and were integrated as Budapest in1873. Unification brought prosperity and many public buildings were erected including the grandiose Parliament, St Stephen’s Basilica and the Millennium Monument in Hero’s Square.

Must See Areas

This sophisticated capital is home to some of Europe’s most magnificent architectural gems, from baroque to Art Nouveau.

Along with the Parliament, St Stephen’s Basilica and Hero’s Square,,,, you can visit Fishermen’s Bastion featuring Matthias Church and great city views.

Stroll across the iconic Chain Bridge,, take the railway to Castle Hill or enjoy a Budapest thermal bath.


Shopping in Budapest is a mix of vintage ,, luxury ,,, and unique underground style.

Typical folk craft includes ceramics, embroidery, painted wooden toys and porcelain, while traditional market stall offer plenty of diversity.

Visit Esceri Piac,,, a sprawling open air market full of unusual antiques


Budapest is known for it’s popular fine wines and goulash.

The Hungarian culinary scene offers stylish and modern restaurants, such as Central Kavehaz ,,,, a restored former haunt of writers and revolutionaries.

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