Belgium: Bruges and Brussels

Belgium: Bruges and Brussels

We start in Bruges to check into a medieval hospital, savor the exquisite art of Memling, and climb a bell tower, getting up close and fortissimo at a carillon …



  1. Mika Vanderak

    The most of the time the peoples speak french, they are almost all walloons and french speaking immigrants that discriminates the dutch speaking brusselairs and make them feel like fools in their own city. Would be nice to mention that, its just how it is. I'm a Brusselair of the two languages , like a real one, but did dutch-school (just a choice) And i felt always a shame to speak my own language when it was dutch in brussels, immigrants even thing you come from somewhere else. Fun feeling to have to been seen as a stranger in your own city 🙁

  2. Mika Vanderak

    European commision and parlement is everything besides peacefull and respectfull. It destroyed the whole Brussels culture around that region of brussels 🙁 And we have now 10 houres a week average a helicopter flying like crazy over our houses even at night to a mile around the parlement a crazy bill for the consumption that does, and we brussels peoples pay this !! and we get all the noise that make me crazy and can't sleep sometimes when its flying. I hate my governement so hard they are Hypocrits full 100%. In the place to use a drone with camera, it cost much less , it doesn't poluate and doesn't make noise, more peacefull otherwise said. And they fucking took all the trees down in the park next to the parlement to make it boring and open sight for those lazy parlement peoples so they can have that space for them very safe, while those bunch of retardation don't even knwo what that park stand for or was in the history books. I cried there between those trees by sadness, I feeled free to let me go at night after work to have a bit peace and air to breath 200 evenings a year when I worked in terrible conditions with full of pain. I couldn't see anybody. Just took a beer and hide somewhere in the park. But now its all becoming 'Big brother-Im watching you' That feel is following you everywhere in the city those days. Brussels was maybe the latest city where you could be lost and one with yourself. The prices of the caffées is just teriible high for us brussel peoples but not for those rich parlement peoples from outside from other country's. We only loose, its becoming more expensive while we becoming more poor, everything for the rich and politics. Why do you think no Brussel peoples anymore in that region (no brussel culture anymore) ? They all run away and let it to the destroyers of our culture , to expensive to live. And im talking that it was totally different like in the 90's even, it degraded so fast on just 1-2 decades so sad !! Brussel capital of europe MY ASS!!! they cannot even listen to the people that made that city to what it is now WE !!!!!

  3. Tony Hanna

    is Brussels really scary or are things just blown out of proportions on the internet? I'm planning a visit to Bruges this summer but I'm a bit hesitant. is it really infested with "sketchy unwanted foreigners"? lol. would love to have feedback from locals.

  4. W VE

    Thank you for this beautiful documentary. As we are but a little 'artificial' country in the bigger Europe, people tend to forget that a lot of beautiful art has had its place of birth here. So thanks again for shifting the emphasis from 'Chocolate and Waffles' (they are still great 😉 ) to the finer arts.

  5. Mr. Kitty

    Lived in Mons and then Brussels for 2 yrs… I really enjoyed my stay as the people and food are superb. I made many friends there, someday I'll revisit. The beers are great and the fritz (fries) were fantastic! as well…

  6. steam steam

    The EU is an establishment of criminals hostile to Europe and it's peoples, nations. It has no claim to credit for a lack of war the likes of which were almost always created by the very people behind the EU.They eradicate the European peoples through a deliberately created and undealt with sub-replacement birthrate, mass immigration and miscegenation agenda.

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