Are Princess Cruises For You?

Are Princess Cruises For You?

Are you a romantic at heart? Do you long for adventure? We all have different requirements for the perfect holiday, but a cruise can fulfill all those aspirations if the cruise holidays on offer are carefully researched.

You want the ultimate dream honeymoon? Princess Cruises was named best Cruise for Romance by travel editors in 2009, and for ten years was the location for the American TV series ‘The Love Boat’, so what better recommendation could you want?

Princess cruise ships have all the right ingredients for a romantic interlude, plus some extras to add even more romance to your honeymoon, or anniversary celebration.

They can be small extras such as an upgrade to a balcony stateroom which needn’t cost a fortune; these can often be found discounted on late cruise deals Once onboard there is The Sanctuary Spa, with special offers for couples, a balcony dining experience for that celebration supper or if you want to make the occasion even more memorable there are two packages available: the Honeymoon Experience, which includes Champagne and red roses on arrival plus a formal photograph and more goodies such as chocolate strawberries, or the Deluxe version which includes all of the above plus a tour of the bridge, a relaxing massage for two, and a champagne breakfast. How decadent is that? And in the evening? Snuggle up on deck and watch a movie under the stars.

While some passengers love the onboard entertainment, dining and sports facilities, for many it’s the shore excursions that decide the particular cruise. They love to sail into a new port, and can’t wait to get onshore and start exploring.

Princess Cruises have some great treats lined up in their excursions itinerary

If you like wild life – whales in particular – try an Alaskan summer cruise to Juneau. Passengers get the opportunity to go on a whale-watching catamaran and you’re almost guaranteed to see plenty of whales, as well as seals, sea lions and bald eagles. How about a salmon bake at the Orca Point Lodge? The lodge is situated in a beautifully peaceful setting, and if you like fish it’s food heaven. While you’re in Juneau you’ll be able to visit the spectacular Mendenhall Glacier.

Always dreamt of galloping along a surf- fringed beach? Well if you take a cruise to the Dutch Antilles, which includes a port stop in St Maarten you’ll be able to do just that. You will ride on quiet, pristine beaches and nature reserve.

If scuba diving is a bit old-hat, or too scary, do you fancy diving to 100 feet beneath the sea in a submarine? This excursion is available on Mexican holiday cruises on all Princess ships stopping at Cozumel. The submarine pilots will help you identify the fish and help you to get close up to fantastic coral, shellfish and sponges.

Princess Cruises offer the chance to escape to some of the world’s most amazing settings, from the Caribbean to Alaska.

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