Along the Beautiful Danube River

Along the Beautiful Danube River

The Danube River rises from the Black Forest mountains and flows 1,770 miles to the Black Sea. Our romantic Danube itinerary showcases this river, cruising through Hungary, Austria and Germany, past hillside castles, valleys of vineyards and cosmopolitan cities.

We are starting our journey in enchanting Budapest, Hungary. Our Longships have reserved moorings near the cities iconic bridges making it very easy to walk right off and start exploring the heart of the city. Highlights include Matthias Church, the Parliament building and romantic Fishermen’s Bastion.

Next stop on our voyage is the City of Waltzes aka known as Vienna ,,,,, with its grand buildings , including Schonbrunn Palace, home of the  Hapsburg emporers, as well as renouned coffeehouses offering a variety of delectable and indulgent pastries.

But this itinerary is not all large cities,,, the most specactular views lie in Austria’s Wachau Valley, a stunning 24 mile stretch between the towns of Krems and Melk. Not only is the scenery amazing, this area also produces many of Europe’s best wines.

Next port of call is the very walkable town of Passau, Germany, followed by the medieval Regensberg, which is utterly charming with its half-timbered buildings, delightful German beer, 12th century stone bridges and the world’s oldest sausage tavern.

Our journey ends with an overnight in Nuremberg, known for its role in WW2 as well as the Albrecht Durer House and Market Square with its elaborate  Gothic fountain. It’s the perfect finale to a delightful journey down the beautiful  ” Blue Danube ” .

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