7 Best Vacation Spots For Stunning Views And Scenery

7 Best Vacation Spots For Stunning Views And Scenery

Everybody needs a vacation but everyone is looking for different things. Some people want action, some people want beaches and some people simply want to sit next to the pool all day. And other people want to eat non-stop for a week. Whatever you want out of a vacation it can only be improved by great architecture, a great view or a classic subset. A beautiful vision is something that everyone can appreciate and below we have listed seven of the best vacation spots for stunning visuals.

1. The Grand Canyon. The original US beauty spot and still one of the most stunning, picturesque places on the planet. Its bleakness is part of its beauty, with massive, wide open spaces and stretches of vast desert land the Grand Canyon is simply astonishing to just sit and stare at. Only an hour from Las Vegas it would be hard to come up with an excuse not to visit. The recent construction of a glass walkway is a great addition.

2. Rio. Much of South America is inaccessible but with so so to see Rio de Janeiro is a must visit vacation destination. The beaches alone are unbelievable but when you factor in Sugar-loaf Mountain and the Christ the Redeemer its easy to see why cameras are snapping all day long. The scenery around Rio is very special.

3. Paris. Pareee, the city of romance, art and great food and as the capital of France, Paris has lots of iconic things to look at and visit. The Eiffel tower is only the tip of Parisian scenery. The view from the top of the Eiffel tower offers panoramic views of Paris on a grand scale.

4. Iceland. When you imagine scenery, Iceland probably isn't the first place that you think of but Iceland offers some of the most unique scenery on the planet. The country offers a massive variance of scenery from volcanoes to rolling hills to icy glaciers and mountainous regions. There is a photo opportunity around every turn. Keep your camera handy if you are in Iceland!

5. New Zealand. New Zealand is a country of extremes. Mountains and ski resorts are a plenty but there are also grassy valleys and stunning sandy beaches but beyond the usual tourist spots there are also secluded, quiet areas where you could walk for miles without seeing another human being. For somewhere so small, New Zealand seems awfully remote and under populated. Such a relaxing place with some of the planets most beautiful mountain views.

6. Athens. The Greek city of Athens still has some of the oldest, ancient ruins in the world. Some of the sites are thousands of years old and its hard not to be impressed. Historic Athens is an architectural dream with ancient and modern buildings sitting side by side. The place is steeped in ancient history and some of the views look simply unbelievable.

7. New York City. Fewer cityscapes are as awe inspiring as the New York skyline. New York at night is a vision of beauty that few people can help being impressed by. On top of this there are the bridges, the museums and the bright lights of time square. New York is a man made wonder of the world that shouldn't be missed.

There you have it. Seven fabulous views that anyone with a passport and a large wallet can experience.

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