5 reasons NEVER to date a Ukrainian Girl

5 reasons NEVER to date a Ukrainian Girl

In this video, you’ll learn about the 5 reasons never to date a girl from Ukraine. Conor’s free DATING in UKRAINE course Conor’s free …



  1. Kernspam

    rule number one: NEVER compress any reverb in a video

    rule number two: Do not act like the worst american 80s stereotype or you get more thumbs down than up
    rule number three: Do not talk like the dumbest tourist who still has no clue about anything even after been there many times

  2. Jon Murphy

    I'm sorry but when you start the video by saying that it's kind of a bad point and it's ridiculous that every culture/ society the women look to the men to be the providers/protectors, even though many many cultures have warrior women, then you really are a little bitch Fuckin asshole. I mean that's a Fuckin no-brainer!!! Yeah I was raised and trained by a Man's Man my Father, may he rest in peace, was a former Green Beret 6th & 5th Special Forces Groups, 2 tours of duty in Vietnam, 67/69, 2 Purple Hearts for being wounded in combat, Silver Star for valor… I was raised & taught to respect women, to protect and provide for them whenever they need it and especially when they don't… YOU NO MATTER WHAT. I mean that's just a no-brainer like you said it's the same thing with any culture not just traditional cultures or New World cultures that's going all the way back to the dawn of mankind, to even higher evolutionary species of animals… But you give Ukrainian women a bad mark because you have to provide for them like it's something that's so weird and not of this Earth… BTW EVERY woman that I met when I was looking for the love of my life was educated and working for themselves… They all knew English to some extent some being very fluent nearly perfect (with that very very sexy & cute accent) Also if you're looking for a foreign woman, from wherever, you need to learn her language at least to some extent and if you don't you're just a lazy piece of shit!!! Who doesn't deserve her anyway. Like this kid that used to be my friend, he's more of a annoying acquaintance now… Unreal he would only go after Spanish American Latina women… Being half-Dominican himself, he would complain constantly that all they want to do is talk to him in Spanish and especially during sex all they want to do is talk dirty in Spanish… I would say yeah you're fucking point you seriously don't understand your native language but your entire family and every one of your friends speaks your entire town that you live in?!! Even me?!! Sometimes I really know why girls just complain about guys for being completely useless dumbasses LOL

  3. Clip

    I can't image the majority of the Ukrainian girls behave this way simply down to a lot of Ukrainian men not having a lot of money.You simply implied "Hot women" , which in most cases are "Red Flags" and count for the minority of the women in a much larger group of women who behave differently.

  4. Aleksandre Kvakhadze

    1. It depends on how you present yourself from the very beginning. If you take her to the superexpensive restaurant on the first date, of course, she would put you in the provider box. So, holding the frame is very important.
    2. Although I speak fluent Russian, I don't know any of Ukrainian jokes. Nevertheless, I somehow enabled to make them laugh during the date.
    3. The safest way to meet legit girls in Ukraine is daygame
    4. I'd say the opposite. Ukrainian stunners (8,9s) are much friendlier and approachable than the same quality girls from the UK. In Kyiv, you can literally find a catwalk model looking girl working as a waitress. Not girls, but the guys are overestimating their value.
    5. None of the Ukrainian girls I've dated was scrolling her iPhone during the date. When a girl does it, you just have to mirror her and do the same and it works.

  5. Robert Courtney

    Interesting intelligent smart guy. I think he is right, I have dated Russian, Moldovan and Ukranian, and whilst the Ukrainians are super pretty are very well manneerd inteligent etc, they seemed the most mercenary. I think Russian women are better. But yes I think he was spot on.

  6. mars journey

    What I know from social medias and immigrant Ukraine girls, they are family oriented, honest, cute, nice, and of cause beautiful, elegant, gorgeous, with blue eyes like color of Black Sea. OMG, I never seen other races girls more beautiful than them!

  7. Lyssa AD

    I agree 100% with you, Conor. Ordinary Ukrainians girls are extremely gold digger, even those who work. I met some of them who have risen up in their carreer because they had such a good contacts around West Europe, but not because they're clever enough. Indeed they're beautiful, but also spread their legs to the first one that appears and offers comfort life. One in particular who I met dated a super nice guy but told him that if another richer one showed up, even after their marriage, she would divorce him. And it's no use speaking badly about my comment, this is the truth and I exercise my constitutional right to freedom of expression.

  8. Sam Fitt

    One of the biggest regrets inn life is walking away from real love . Example when a male and female are young they have many options but as they get older and wiser they start to look back and wonder what if I've given him or her a fair chance .

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