11 Odd Things I'm Definitely Doing on My Next Disney Trip!

11 Odd Things I'm Definitely Doing on My Next Disney Trip!

Halloween parties in August and bringing my own straws — sounds a little weird, but these tips and hacks can help you plan your next Disney vacation.



  1. Spencer Fidelis

    So just now, the lady and I came in to indulge in our usual YouTubeing and realized we hadn't finished this video from the day it came out months ago, and it was paused on the straws because we instantly paused it to buy or own for the weekends we spend at the parks! That was definitely a must

  2. Jody Steward

    1. Go To A Halloween Party In August
    2. Not Going Into A Park Every Day
    3. Skip The Fireworks
    4. Bring My Own Straws
    5. Walk To A Faraway Bathroom
    6. Take A Break On A Ride
    7.Hang Out In World Showcase Before It Opens – Open at 11am (5:25)
    8. Not Make Dinner Reservations Every Night (6:07)

    9. Watch The Fireworks From Outside The Park
    10. Ride Alone
    11. Special Order My Meal

  3. Luna K

    So once I went to Disney and I stayed with my brother at Fort Wilderness. My brother is REALLY high maintenance when it comes to food, and we went to the restaurant in Fort Wilderness. (I think its called Trails End) So its sort of a buffet, and my brother didn't see anything he liked. So he asked if they had anything, like spaghetti (he loves it). SO THE CAST MEMBER FRICKIN TURNED AND SAID "I'll see what I can do.". SHE BROUGHT SPAGHETTI TO MY BROTHER AND IT WASNT ON THE MENU. This shows the magic of Disney and cast members.

  4. OneTrick Puppy

    Last year we went to ride big thunder mountain instead of the firework show during the not so scary Halloween party, I don’t regret it, the timing was great to see the fireworks from the highest point and we still had time to catch the finale after the ride was done.

  5. CristhyAvi

    One of the tips I always tell family and friends is DO NOT stress about reservations. I feel like everyone stresses about making those reservations so far in advanced. And although it helps, it’s not necessary to stress about it. My husband and have found SO many good restaurants available a couple days before we go because of the cancellation policy. And many people don’t know about this… basically, people need to cancel a reservation before the 24 hr window or they’ll get charged a fee. So when you check last minute things tend to pop up. Just check my Disney experience app.. check check check! The app helps so much !!

  6. Akit317

    Single rider is awesome, but single rider during Extra Magic Hours, even better. My tip if you want front seat for Rock 'n' Roller Coaster (not for single rider line) is when you reach the cast member who will assign you to the line for your seat, tell them you want the front seat, and you are shown a secondary line where you'll wait with others who also want front seats. I've asked and it's been a short wait, only a few people ahead of me.

  7. Planet Purgatory

    That's so awesome. The chef wipes his spatula off before he comes from behind the counter and asks if you're allergic to 2 smacks across ur fucking face with a spatula. Then he proceeds to kill several mosquitoes with the same spatula, and then he picks up the slice of pizza and gives it to ur fresha moutha. BADA BING!

  8. foxsable

    You guys should do a video on eating on a Keto diet while in the parks. I've found it pretty challenging to get stuff that is both good and low carb. I usualy end up getting a hamburger without the bun or something like that, but it would be nice to have some better alternatives.

  9. polemius01

    As I get older, I spend less time in the parks. My December 2019, 6-day trip will have a 3-day, one park a day plan (I'm avoiding EPCOT until the renovations are done). It's great fun to visit the resorts, especially those I've never seen. And, Disney Springs is always a great place to visit. Christmas time is when I visit even those resorts I've been to; the decorations are always, as Mickey would say, SWELL!
    I just do one sit-down meal per trip, so it's strange to hear that some people do sit-down every night. I suppose that's due to the dining plan, which I've never used (I don't eat that much!).
    Disney is GOLD when it comes to my gluten allergy! It's one reason I keep coming back!

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